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If you’re a computer enthusiast, then you are probably having fun shopping at your favorite electronics store and surfing for good deals about now . The number of choices of available computers on the market these days is dizzying. One of the best things about today’s computer market is the increasing quantity and quality of mini desktop computers at reasonable prices.

Power, performance, space saving, and all the benefits of personal computing are now available in some very small, useful, and intuitive mini desktop computer packages from the likes of the Acer Revo and Veriton computers,  Apple Mac Mini,  Asus EeeBox PCs,  Dell Mini,  eMachine Mini and other brands of mini desktop computers. Take a look for yourself and see if it’s worth buying. With their versatile sizes, and operability, the mini PC seems poised to assume the role of the future. Go see for yourself.

The mini desktop computer is a perfect combination of form and function. It’s small footprint make it a welcome space saver around the house. The petite computer of today is small enough to be placed not just on a standard computer desk, but also on a bedroom nightstand, in a home office, on a kitchen counter, or on a corner table in a quiet reading nook. Some are even small enough to challenge the portabillity level of a laptop computer. In fact, many are lightweight enough to be thrown in a roomy tote or backpack and taken on the road, making it part of a mobile computer system.

Why purchase a large footprint desktop when NOW you can buy a mini desktop computer, small form factor PC or even a Nettop that has all the features of a larger computer yet takes up a small portion of your desk or sales counter?

Today’s mini desktops have many features such as built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a TV Tuner, DVD burner and much more packed into a tiny case that can be placed horizontally or vertically (flat or upright). These computers may only weigh a few pounds!  These feature powerful, full-size computers inside mini boxes.

All In One PC  / Compact PC  / Mini PC  /

Small Footprint Desktop / Small Form Factor PC  / Zero Footprint PC

The mini computer may function much like a full size desktop, but, thankfully, it does not comsume energy like one. Their small, compact size adds to their energy efficiency. Some versions only comsume approximatley 10 watts of energy when they are in idle mode. For the environmentally conscious and those who like to save money on electricity, that is a definite plus.

The advent of the mini desktop computer has changed the world’s computer traditions. For example, there is now no need to worry so much about having a match computer set. In the not so distance past, dominated by the the larger, standard issue desktop cpu, there was always that feeling of being bound to the tradition of connecting it to a matching computer monitor. Since it was basically part of a room’s furniture, it was important for the cpu, keyboard, and monitor to look smarlty coordinated. Now, matching is purely optional because it is very likely that the mini desktop will be not be connected to a large LCD or plasma television. With buit-in HDMI ports, the entire family can comfortably enjoy what used to be only a personal computer.

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