eMachine Mini Desktop Computers

eMachines offers a wide range of budget computers that are great, particularly if you like to purchase computers every 2-3 years rather than buy a high-end computer and keep it for 5 years or so.  eMachine offers offers mini desktops that you may want to consider:

  • Emachines ER1402-05 Mini-e Desktop Computer

  • Emachines ER1402-55 Mini-e Desktop Computer – Athlon K125 1.70 GHz 2 GB RAM – 160 GB HDD

The most important thing you want to take note of, one simple thing, you will not be losing any power just because it’s smaller. If you’re an avid gamer that requires a lot of power, there’s an eMachine mini PC that is just right for you. Designers who use heavy graphics in order to do their work, will not have to worry either; these PCs, although small, can keep pace with you so you can get your work done, and you’ll have more room to keep folders, and things you need right under your feet where the towering CPU used to be.

The Dell mini desktop computers are a perfect combination of form and function.  Their small footprint make it a welcome space saver around the house. The petite computer of today is small enough to be placed not just on a standard computer desk, but also on a bedroom nightstand, in a home office, on a kitchen counter, or on a corner table in a quiet reading nook.

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