Acer Mini Desktop Computers

Acer offers mini desktops that you may want to consider:

Acer Aspire X Mini Desktop compact computers

Featuring Windows 8 these computers are “Easy to place, easy to set up: Whether on a bookcase shelf, in a corner of your desk, or tucked underneath, this compact PC just fits.

It’s perfect for storing movies and media, as a gaming or learning machine in the kids’ room, or as a homework tool for students in cramped dorms.”







The Revo RL70 smart PC from Acer

  • Acer Revo 70 – “The Revo RL70 smart PC brings photos, videos, music and all web content through Acer to your big-screen TV and to every other connectable device in your home. It’s a serious breakthrough for home entertainment! The flexible design allows this neat PC to be placed flat on a table, stood vertically or attached to the back of a TV or monitor to save space.”

  • Acer Veriton LAcer Veriton Series – “Handle challenging office tasks and oversee company assets efficiently with the Veriton L Series. Premium components and essential applications ensure top performance, while “green” certification cuts costs and cares for the environment.”






Specific models of Ace Veriton computers include:

          • Veriton L
          • Veriton M
          • Veriton N
          • Veriton X

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