Chrome OS, Google Chromebox and Chromeboook

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Are you a Google Chrome user?  I am – love it – and we’re not alone.   According to June 2012 browser statistics 41.7%  of people use it!

I would love to get my hands on a new Chromebox or Chromebook!   The Chromebox is a mini desktop and the Chromebook is a laptop.  Here is what Google say about each:

  • Chromebox – “The Chromebox is a fast, compact home or office computer. Set up your Chromebox the way you want with multiple USB ports and versatile display options.  Starting at $329.”
  • Chromebook – “The Chromebook is a fast, new computer that takes you online wherever you are, whenever you want. Use your Chromebook anywhere with all-day battery life, 3G built-in and a full-sized keyboard. Starting at $299.”

Chromeboxes and books are available at the following vendors:

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